Living & Health


Living and health has to do with being able to live fully while also looking after your mental and physical well being. It also has to do with being able to heal and prevent diseases. With the pace of our everyday life and with all the pollutants and chemicals that are saturating our air, our food, and our water, this may not be a simple thing to accomplish.

How can we then  get to live richer, healthier lives? This is a question that will find answer in the various talks included in this category. Attaining such a goal may  include improving our attitude towards life, eating better, exercising, or staying up to date with the latest medical trends. There are many ways to attain a state of wellness, but one thing is certain, if we are able to do so, this will reflect in all areas of our lives.

This set of talks will address the issue of regaining your health and staying healthy, while being able to experience life to the fullest withou the burdens imposed by our peers, society, and even ourselves. The Living & Health section of Best inspiring talks will include inspiration to help you accomplish a better life.