Tony Buzan: Daydreaming


Tony Buzan argues that daydreaming is fundamental to genius and that wandering attention is no a disorder. Great figures of history such as athletic champions. Einstein, and even Martin Luther King, have been clear about the role of dreaming for their inspiration. For him, the answer of being genius lies in our attitude to daydreaming.

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About Tony
 Tony Buzan was born on June 02, 1942 in Palmers Green, Enfield, Middlesex. He is a writer and educational consultant, a promoter of mnemonic systems and mind mapping techniques.
As a popular psychology author, Tony Buzan has written on subjects relating to the brain. Among his works are "genius quotient (GQ)", memory, spiritual intelligence, creativity and speed reading. He was a co-founder of London's Mind Body Spirit Festival as well as the Mind Sports Olympiad. He is the founder and President of the Brain Foundation (not to be confused with various medical-related intitutions with the same name).
Buzan completed his undergraduate studies at the University of British Columbia. During his time at SFU, Buzan became very involved in Mensa. He launched his own computer program to develop mental maps. It was called iMindMap, and was launched in December 2006. On their website, Buzan World, Tony states that has registered the term "mind maps' (Mind Map) in many country clubs.
After making a television series for the BBC in the 1970s, he has collected many of his ideas in a series of 5 books. From then on, he has authored and co-authored over hundred books that have been translated into 30 different languages.
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