Norman AckermanWelcome to my website. My name is Norman Ackerman. One of the major learnings I gained after having survived leukemia was having the epiphany that attitude is everything. In the end, destination matters not as much as the pathway we choose to get there. We are all going to leave this world someday one way or the other. The way we choose to lead our lives is what really makes the difference.


Many of the inspiring talks I've chosen for this website address in essence attitute issues that prevent us from reaching our full potential. You may win, you may lose, both outcomes are bound to happen, but what makes a real winner is the way you deal with each of these situations. This is the source of inspiration I found for creating this Website: The hope of a new world through enlightenment. And what a better way to inspire than through the experienced reality of another person who has the will and the spirit to share it?  This is an inspiring talk.


An inspiring talk takes place when providence, experience, and the gift of being able to convey a compelling message get together at any given moment of our lifespan, and empower us to illuminate and change lives. We then become a a universal vessle of knowledge and enlightment for a brief instant and make others transcend their own self-imposed limitations. Regardless of what our area of expertise might be, we are transformed into enablers who are in a position to break people out of their areas of comfort and compell them to approach issues under an entirely different light and with a whole new attitude.

Each of the people who appear in this Website have come to discover and understand this insight through one path or another. What you hear in these talks will open a door for you, but still it is you have to go through it. Good luck in finding your own path to self-discovery and personal growth.


With that in mind, I leave you to navigate through our Website. Oh, and while you're at it, don't forget to leave a comment or a source of enlightment of your own to  help us make it better.


Live long and prosper!


Norman Ackerman



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