Anil Dash: Share your values and you'll share success


Anil Dash, co-founder of ThinkUp, explains how even the smallest details of our work shape not only our businesses, but the culture around us. This presents us with a unique opportunity, as he said, “When we say ‘somebody ought to do something,’ here’s a chance for us to show our values.”

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About Anil

Anil Dash was born on September 5, 1975. He is an American entrepreneur, blogger and technologist.
Dash was the first employee of Six Apart, serving as its Vice-President until moving to Expert Labs. He also worked as an independent technology consultant. He is a partner at, which is a "next generation strategyconsulting firm" focused on media and technology. Dash is also  co-founder of Makerbase, an online community for people who make apps and websites. He is CEO of ThinkUp, an app that offers users advice on their social network profiles.
Anil has been an advocate of teaching technology to children from a very early age, and making the technological industry more ethical and humane. The New York Times has called him a "blogging pioneer". 
His work focuses on how technology shapes culture, business & society. He is also prone to poke around a bit in pop culture, policy and social activism, as well as providing consultancy services mostly to startups and non-profit organizations. 
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