Paola Antonelli: Rejection is a sign that you're onto something new


In this talk, Antonelli shares why failure and rejection are two feelings creative people should not only become familiar with, but should learn to embrace. “[Our work] can be weapons to really help people understand how to be better citizens,” she said. “But only if we will be allowed to do exhibitions that shock, disgust, and sometimes, even fail.”

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About Paola

Paola Antonelli was born in 1963 in Sardinia, Italy. With a Bachelor Degree in architecture, Paola started lecturing in 1991 at the University of California, Los Angeles. She topic she focused on was mainly related to the subject she taught there, which was called Design History and Theory. After finishing her job at the University, she joined the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York as a curator in the Department of Architecture and Design in February, 1994. She has had some high profile exhibitions there, such as "Mutant Materials in Contemporary Design" (1995), followed by "Thresholds: Contemporary Design from the Netherlands" (1996), "Achille Castiglioni: Design!" (1997–98), "Projects 66: Campana/Ingo Maurer" (1999), "Open Ends," and "Matter" (September 2000-February 2001). Since she found she was incapable of staying away from teaching, she took a course of Design Theory at Harvard Graduate School of Design University in 2003. Paola has continued giving lectures all over the world. She’s also a recognized author and current Senior Curator of the Department of Architecture & Design as well as the Director of R&D at the MoMA.
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