Tom Chatfield: How to thrive in the digital age


Over half of the planet's adult population now spend a great deal of time plugged to the internet, mobile telephony, or other digital media. Relationships and even our family lives through the Internet is now the status quo. But what effect is this need for constant connection really having? For the first time, Tom Chatfield examines what our wired life is really doing to our minds and our culture - and offers practical advice on how we can hope to prosper in a digital century.

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About Tom
Tom Chatfield was born in the United Kingdom in 1980. He is a book writer, technology theorist, and commentator. He has also made broadcasts both in the UK and internationally. He's the author of six books, and past collaborations have involved Google, ITV, the BBC, Channel 4 Education, We Are What We Do / Shift, Mind Candy, Six to Start, Flamingo, among others.
He is a frequent speaker in various seminars, about technology and new media, and has also offered services as a consultant is those areas. He was lead content designer and writer on Preloaded's game The End. He spoke at TED Global 2010 on "7 ways games reward the brain." He is an associate editor at Prospect magazine, which published his first book "Fun Inc.", which addresses the culture of video games. Fun Inc. was published worldwide in 2010. Subsequently other books followed which also explored digital culture. Currently,  his work being  published in over two dozen languages.
He makes regular appearances in the British and international media as a commentator. " I'm a British writer, broadcaster and tech theorist. As he states in his LinkedIn account, he is interested in improving the experience of technology, and in improving our understanding of how technology affects work and living.
He is currently gathering research for a book on critical thinking for the 21st century.  
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