Joanne Wilson: The magic of dreaming big


The typical mythology of an entrepreneur often involves romantic origin stories of young, single people, burning the candle at both ends. And that was Joanne Wilson’s plan too, until “life got in the way.” However, part of the benefits of starting your own business means building the lifestyle you want to lead. In this talk, investor and entrepreneur Joanne Wilson shares how she launched her own business while life happened. 

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About Joanne

Joanne Wilson has had many careers before getting into the world of technology, and before reinventing herself once again as an investor. Her investment portfolio includes over 90 companies such as Catchfire, Food52, Vengo, Captureproof, Nestio, LeTote, Makers Row, etc… She basically invests in anything she enjoys across all industries;  from gyms, to food, to real estate. She created and has maintained a very popular blog at for almost 12 years. Joanne has a preference for tech companies, given the fact that thirteen of her seventeen investments are tech companies. She has been involved in some real-estate transactions from the beginning to the very end and she continues to making investments in that market. She has also invested in a few restaurants located in the New York area.
Joanne likes to favor her own gender. Ten of the companies where she has invested are women-founded, including DailyWorth, Nestio, and Red Stamp.
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