John-Paul Flintoff: How to change the world


John-Paul Flintoff explores the ideas within his book 'How To Change the World'. In this talk, John argues how changing the world is more about the individual choices that we make rather than collective decisions made for us by policy makers.

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About John-Paul

John-Paul Flintoff was born in January, 1968. He has worked as a coach, performer,  and writer. John-Paul loves working with all kind of people, and has worked with heads of state, award-winning musicians, Hollywood stars, artists, executives and entrepreneurs. Working with such a different array of people taught John that everybody can do with a bit of help.
He has published five books, which have been translated into 16 different languages. Among these books is “How to Change the World,” which is of course one of his most famous books. He believes that we are in our best when we show our true colors, rather than when we are just trying to look good.
In everything he does, he tries to help people bring out the best of them. As he is a lecturer, he focuses on communication, creativity and leadership. His talks and workshops are consistently hailed as energizing and thought-provoking.
John-Paul is also a journalist and a coach. His books focus on helping people by providing them with a wide perspective of the things that happen around them. Some of these books are written as practical manuals so that his recommendations are easy to follow. His talks are highly recommended. John-Paul has spoken to groups as large as 5000 people in four continents. He has spoken in front of audiences that have included senior executives, schools, and even prison inmates.
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