Rochelle King: Your biggest rival is your best asset


In our jobs, family life, and social circles, conflict is difficult to manage. In this 99U Talk, Spotify’s Global VP of Design Director Rochelle King reminds us that tension is essential to any creative endeavor. Instead of running from confrontation King says, “the biggest thing that I’ve learned about dealing with conflict is that it’s fundamentally about the mindset. Explicitly embracing conflict actually allowed me to take control of it.” 

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About Rochelle

Rochelle King is Global VP of Design and User Experience (UX) at Spotify, a leading-edge website that is changing the face of the music industry. Prior to Spotify, Rochelle was VP of User Experience and Product Services at Netflix where she managed the Design, Content Marketing and Localization teams, Content Enhancement, and so on. Rochelle has over 14 years of experience working on consumer-facing products.
Rochelle took her first leadership role in the year 2000, when startups were relatively a new industry, and from then on has learned a lot about how to make the most out of conflict.
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